Blue Sour Diesel

Blue Sour Diesel Strain
Energetic, floaty daytime strain that will elevate your mood. Blue Sour Diesel is an energetic, floaty daytime strain. It provides relaxing, pain-relieving effects and helps to uplift your mood. This strain has a wonderfully fruity and sour flavor. A must try!

Pungent Sour Berry Taste. Relaxing and Uplifting Daytime Hybrid.

Strain Name: Blue Sour Diesel
Gram: $12/g
Eighth: $45
Quarter: $80
Half: $155
Ounce: $280
RX good for: Stress, Pain, Nausea, Insomnia, Anxiety
Effects (+): Euphoric, Happy, Lazy, Sleepy, Uplifted
Effects (-): Dry Mouth
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dom.)

Additional Features:

Blue Sour Diesel Strain Reviews

Fantastic. This hybrid is perfectly mixed, I was in an almost ‘dreamlike’ high from the cerebral effects and the indica was present but didn’t incapacitate me like some overly strong indicas can.

Upon opening the bag I saw that the bud had heavy crystals and had a pungent earthy smell. Orange hairs coated the buds. You will definitely need scissors for this stuff because it is very sticky. I smoked out of my glass bowl noticing how smooth the hit was and upon exhale tasted just like it smells, very pungent. One hit and I could feel the high instantly which was very strong almost overwhelming at first. I highly recommend this strain to anyone and think a 9 is dead on this is some very good strain and would be great for stress relief due to the calm state of mind this will give you.

This is a lovely strain! There is a lovely fruity flavor and a pleasing, but pungent, aroma. I find that I feel pretty calm and relaxed mentally and physically. For me, it isn’t as strong on the physical relaxation as I would like, but it does definitely take the edge off and a bit more. : ) If you are about to have a bit of this lovely smoke, Enjoy! You won’t be let down.