The Cinex Strain of medical marijuana provides a very potent pain-relieving Cannabis. This strain produces a very focused, energetic high like no other. It helps the creative juices flow and is a powerful painkiller. Great for mood elevation and a relaxing state of mind. Very creative, cerebral high.

Focused Pain-Relieving Strain – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Strain Name: Cinex
Gram: $12/g
Eighth: $45
Quarter: $80
Half: $155
Ounce: $280
RX good for: Stress, Pressure, Pain, Anxiety, Muscle Spasm, Nerve Spasm, Migraines
Effects (+): Euphoric, Creative, Focused, Energetic, Uplifted, Happy
Effects (-): Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dom.)
Sativa: 60%
Indica: 40%
Genetics: Cinderella 99 x Vortex
THC: 22.2%
CBD: .15%
Organic?: Yes

Additional Features:

Cinex Strain Reviews

This strain is incredible for me.. it stops the CNS issues and clears my mind of the fog from the seizures. It takes the pain in my body and puts it in a box, till it wears off.
My day-to-day is more manageable now.. for a minute I was a bit worried this fine lady of a strain had got lost, since she hadn’t been around in 3 months

Definitely my favorite strain. Great daytime strain as it makes you feel like you want to do something. At the same time if you just want to chill it doesn’t give you the fidgity feeling some sativas do.

Me and a friend of mine bought a couple grams of this a while ago. I enjoy indica highs a lot more, but this gave me the best sativa-feel I’ve ever had. It made me feel super creative and extremely happy. I would recommend this bud to anyone who wants to avoid that couch-locking high. I could run around all day on this stuff and feel amazing. I would DEFINITELY suggest doing something outdoors like hiking, fishing, swimming, etc. It’s perfect for just having a good time during the summer.


  1. where is heaven located…

    Cinex Strain – Fusion Exclusive Strain – Sativa Dominant Hybrid…