Dama Oil

Dama Oil (Rick Simpson Oil)
Dama Oil is the one of the safest and most effective ways to medicate. A natural alcohol extraction method and quality of cannabis used creates a clean, potent, and overall high quality marijuana concentrate. Dama Oil is batch-tested to ensure quality and effectiveness of the medicine. If you have any questions about Rick Simpson oil and its amazing medical and healing properties, don’t hesitate to ask at your next visit!

This product is extremely potent and patients should start with a very small dose and work your way up as you become more comfortable with it.

Batch-Tested, safe, and extremely effective medicine. Dama Oil (AKA Rick Simpson Oil) can be consumed orally, vaporized, or smoked.

Cannabinoid Delivery Methods

Vaporizing: Allow patients to inhale active cannabinoids while avoiding harmful smoke toxins and tars. Vaporizing delivers the active cannabinoids within seconds. The medicine is absorbed in the lungs and goes directly to the brain and general circulation.

Food or Beverage Infusion: Alternative delivery means to smoking. Put a small dab on a piece of chocolate or any other treat and eat. Or infuse it into butter or oil to bake with. The GI tract gradually absorbs Cannabinoids over the course of one to two hours.

Sublingual Consumption: Placing the oil under your tongue, is the fastest way to absorb the medicine into the arterial system. Absorption by the arterial blood supply under the tongue is completed in seconds. One trick is to not swallow the dose as, if swallowed, absorption will be in the GI tract.

Dama Oil Product Reviews

The dama oil product was easy to use and very, very effective. Initially I did not follow their advice and start with a small dose and thus over medicated the first time. I highly recommend you listen to that advice; dama oil is some potent stuff! Well done!

TA nurse suggested that medical marijuana could ease my nausea, reinstate my appetite, and even help me manage my pain – all potentially without the negative side effects I had been experiencing. I tried dama oil and found that it provided considerable relief from the side effects of the cancer medications and the radiation treatment. Dama Oil helps me manage my pain, while preventing my reliance on more powerful narcotics.”

Very impressive and stable “oil”. Exceptional quality. One of the highest total cannabinoid readings I’ve seen in over 3000 plus samples. – Seattle Cannabis Association SCA

Since I began using medical cannabis oil, my pain is no longer persistent or incapacitating. When I do suffer from pain, I am usually able to “get ahead of it” and make it manageable….”