Purple Arrow

Purple Arrow is an extremely potent Indica strain of medical marijuana. It comes from the genetics of two ancient strains – Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. The Purple Arrow strain delivers numbing pain relief and provides a wonderfully warming sense of well-being. This strain is an amazing pain killer and will help you relax through muscle spasms or any discomfort.

Spicy, and Strong Earthy Taste. Potent Indica Medication For Pain, Muscle Spasms, and Insomnia.

Strain Name: Purple Arrow
Gram: $12
Eighth: $45
Quarter: $78
Half: $155
Ounce: $280
RX good for: Pain, Insomnia, Appetite
Effects (+): Euphoric, Relaxing, Calming
Effects (-): Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth
Type: Indica Strain
Sativa: 10%
Indica: 90%
THC: 18.53%
CBD: .32%
CBN: .01%
Organic?: yes

Additional Features:

Purple Arrow Strain Reviews

Wow… Ok this strain represents the future of medical marijuana in my opinion. Because of its incredible CBD and THC content its the most effective, long lasting pain and stress relief smoke I have ever found, and I know my shit. Absolutely numbing body effects that creep up on you out of NOWHERE.. It’s stellar for a night cap, a TRUE indica, this is the real deal I can’t say enough good things about this strain. if you find a dispensary with good quality purple arrow, you better stock up because its some of the finest marijuana on gods green earth!

This strain is right there with Grape God. I have pain, I don’t need to feel messed up, I need relief. The first time I tried Purple Arrow I had nerve pains shooting down my neck into my upper back. After the first drag the pain was gone, and I could still function at about 90%. Everything else I’ve tried hits so hard I can’t even think. With Grape God or Purple Arrow I can spend time enjoying the smoking aspect of medicating and still make it back into the house to help out in the kitchen. I gave the strength rating of 9 because it kicked the crap out of my pain, not by how buzzed I got.

Very high in CBD indica that will have even the most seasoned smokers fully medicated in every sense of the word. This is a VERY strong medical strain, careful though it will zombify you if you don’t respect it, and you will be too high to function. Heed my warnings.

I had heard that for pain and restlessness this strain would work magic, and it did. After three hits I was so chill I could barely keep my eyes open. I just sat on the couch playing video games until I passed out. Very opiate feeling. My head was in the clouds and my body was feeling no pain. I have sciatica in my right hip and I am recovering from back surgery and I can honestly say Purple Arrow did the trick for my pain. Also as a side note, I slept the entire night through, without waking up. I felt a little hungover when I did wake up but now I feel just fine. I wouldn’t recommend smoking this and then driving anywhere. Smoke it when you are home and comfortable.