We take pride in providing the finest quality; locally grown, lab tested, clean, medical grade cannabis cultivated by experienced organic farmers. All Medicine available at Fusion is required to meet our high standard of excellence and is backed by Fusion’s quality guarantee. Fusion members have access to quality dry flower along with connoisseur grade bubble hash, medicated edibles, oils, tinctures, teas, elixirs, candy, soda, topical products and more.

Our staff at Fusion is educated and knowledgeable regarding the various strains, their most prominent cannabinoids, and the specific health benefits they may offer. We strive to ensure our members are well informed and able to make educated decisions when choosing the medicine best suited to their health needs. Come learn how Fusion can help you!

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Lab Tested Medicine and Marijuana Strains

Organic Cannabis Strains

Relief for patients of: Cancer treatment, Depression, anxiety, insomnia, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Crones, Spasticity, neuropathic pain, Arthritis, eating disorders, IBS, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic pain, and many others.

Seattle Indica Strains

Indica Strains:

Indica’s originated in the Hindu Kush region of central Asia and are known to exhibit a more lethargic effect sometimes referred to “couch-lock”.

Seattle Sativa Strains

Sativa Strains:

Sativa’s are known to exhibit a “heady” or “cerebral” effect and characteristically tend to have a more energetic feel.

Seattle Hybrid Strains

Hybrid Marijuana Strains:

Hybrid strains are a genetic cross between both (or several) Sativa and Indica strains and combine some of the best qualities of both. There are a wide range of Hybrids.